Human Resources


  • Processing
  • Posting
  • Salary Calculations


  • 401k Management
  • Insurance/Benefits Management
  • PTO/Sick/Vacation Monitoring

Policy & Handbook

  • Create and/or Modify H.R. Policies
  • Assist in Policy Enforcement

Employee Time Tracking

  • For Both Internal and External Purposes



Bookkeeping Services

Accounts Receivable

  • Create invoices
  • Apply Payments
  • Follow up on A/R Balances

Accounts Payable

  • Check Runs
  • Invoice Research & Entry


  • Bank Statements
  • Credit Card Statements


  • Set-Up & Maintenance
  • "Catch-Up"
  • Tutoring
  • Clean-up

Financial Statements

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheets
  • Month & Year End Journal Entries

Act as Liaison to your CPA

  • Reduce Your Costs at Tax Time

Tax Filings

  • Ohio CAT
  • Sales & Use
  • BWC





The Proficient Office provides many services to assist you in managing your day-to-day, week-to week and month-to-month needs. We want to take your worries away so you can focus on building your business - we explain what is happening in your business in easy to understand, everyday terms. We offer on-site, remote services or the combination of both that best serves your needs.

Office Management

State & Federal Licenses/Certifications Monitoring & Maintenance

Supply Orders & Maintenance

Manage Equipment Leases & Agreements

Organize Physical & Computer Files